Introducing Our New Name

It’s been such a journey for ACW Dances, and now we’ve come to a shift. I’m so happy to introduce our new name, Small Creatures Dance Project. It truly redefines my company in a way that is perfectly in line with my view on life and the universe.

I believe, like Carl Sagan did, that we are made of star stuff. Laws of physics state that matter cannot be created nor destroyed, so by that logic we are all in continuous existence. We have always existed and will always exist, though we take new forms. In this way, no one is ever truly lost, and perhaps no one is ever truly found.

Our universe is dynamic and ever-changing. We are but one infinitesimally small piece of it, existing within the space of an eye-blink. Moving forward, I am going to engage deeply with this premise. I am a small creature, and I’m going to try to love that.

Check this blog for announcements on new work and performances. It may be some time before I can put something together, but that’s OK. It’s only an eye-blink after all.

For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love.

Carl Sagan

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