“Exile Nothing” 2/16/2020

"The 'night sea journey' is the journey into the parts of ourselves that are split off, disavowed, unknown, unwanted, cast out, and exiled to the various subterranean worlds of consciousness.... The goal of this journey is to reunite us with ourselves. Such a homecoming can be surprisingly painful, even brutal. In order to undertake it, we … Continue reading “Exile Nothing” 2/16/2020

Master Class with Abigail

Kinetics Dance Theatre is hosting me for one of their special summer master classes on August 12, 2019! Come to Ellicott City and experience my eclectic movement meanderings. I will draw on my background in functional movement (Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais) and Limon modern dance technique. Expect a functional movement-based warm up that grows from … Continue reading Master Class with Abigail

“Light Exists” 6/2/2019

I'm pleased to announce Small Creatures will be dancing at The Athenaeum in Alexandria, VA on Sunday, June 2, 2019! The company is partnering with a wonderful artist, Barbara Januszkiewicz, for a performance and artist talk as part of her upcoming exhibit "Lyrical Flight." My good friend and longtime collaborator, classical guitarist Mark Charles Smith, … Continue reading “Light Exists” 6/2/2019