I have been lucky to have several longtime individual supporters as well as several business partnerships over the years. These both contributed to the company’s ability to make and present new work.

From 2013 through 2018 the company was a fiscally sponsored organization through Fractured Atlas in New York. This enabled us to obtain grants and raise funds that were tax deductible for donors. I made the decision to stop being fiscally sponsored last year because I changed the company focus from evening-length performances to smaller, project-based pieces that could be performed on their own in collaborative shows. In the future, perhaps I will return to being fiscally sponsored.

Individual donors through fundraising platforms were always our best source of revenue. Without the unfailing support of our private donors, I could not have made any of our company shows a reality. From 2013 on, they have been invaluable. All my thanks to you.

Several businesses in the Metro DC area have been steadfast partners and I’d like to mention them here: Georgetown Yoga, Metropolitan Hospitality Group, Synetic Theater, Yoga Heights, Metro 29 Diner, My Thrive Pilates, Potomac Riverboat Company, and Ten Thousand Villages. These businesses (some of which do not exist anymore, sadly) donated to our silent auctions and helped us raise money for our shows.

Additionally, I have developed some artistic partnerships in the area that I’d like to mention. The Athenaeum is a lovely art gallery in Alexandria, VA, where we’ve performed since our first show in 2013. Arlington Arts is a great organization that granted us space and services in a series of three grants from 2014-2017. We were able to obtain space to rehearse and perform our full-length shows via these grants, two things that otherwise would have been prohibitively expensive.