“What a BEAUTIFUL performance for Mark Charles Smith’s kickoff for his CD, Aspens!!!  We truly enjoyed it.  Your dance entwined so nicely with his lovely compositions.  How lucky we were to be there!  Thank you for sharing your talent – so much appreciated!”

Moore Music Company

“Abby – the choreography is amazing!   I deeply love it.  You totally get what I’m going for in the music, and what it’s about.”

Mark Charles Smith

“I hope you know, you made this event.”

Audience Member

“Congratulations, @ACWDances! Beautiful dancers beautiful choreography and one heck of an ensemble.”

Sara Herrera

“We just had an incredible dance performance where they shocked everyone. They pulled down artwork that was floating attached to the windows and cut these works in small pieces as part of their dance performance. It was brilliant and shocking at the same time.”

Barbara J

“Brought my six and three year old nieces to the Atheneum today – they were both completely taken with the performances. They’ve seen lots of ballet and dance since their mom works at the Kennedy Center, but two hours later were still quite excited that they had seen MODERN dance. (And their aunt liked it, too.) Thanks for making creative performance art so accessible.”

Audience Member