Small Creatures Dance Project, formerly ACW Dances, is a project-based dance group currently housed in Arlington, VA.  Our mission is to engage with the Metro-DC community through performance, workshops, and collaborative projects.  Led by artistic director Abigail Wallace, Small Creatures creates choreography that is highly athletic and daring, revealing human interactions in space and time.

Abigail’s mission as an artist is to engage with the community around her through performance and collaborative projects.  She operates on the premise that art needs to be accessible regardless of economic status and that artists should be paid for their time, hard work, and talent.  It is Abigail’s goal to offer a mixture of free and paid performances yearly. After performances, audiences are often invited to stay for a moderated Q&A discussion based on Liz Lerman’s critical response process.  In this way, Small Creatures is able to connect to the community directly, which furthers communication and understanding, giving the work deeper meaning and context.